Binge-Watch Like You Mean It!


One of the most inspiring and impactful eBooks ever written, Binge-Watch Like You Mean It is the answer to all the existential questions provoked by a night of NetFlixing or Huluing or Amazon Priming or any other weird streaming method that we don't even know about.

This eBook answers that age-old question that has plagued man-kind for over 9ish years now. To binge or not to binge? And why binge just to binge? Why not understand the nature of your binge? Why not understand the social mores and expectations associated with bingeing? We realize that was a lot of questions but man-kind is super interrogative. Just go with it. Thanks Obama.

BWLYMI promises to domesticate that propensity for wild, feral bingeing in your soul. In short, it is the solution that promises to satiate your serialized needs. 

Buy this eBook, follow our wisdom and (imagine an entire pep rally crowd screaming along with you) Binge-Watch! Like! You! Mean! It! (imagine the crowd going freaking nuts now because they totally would be. Crowds at pep rallies are notoriously loose with their enthusiasm. No one disputes this).

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Binge-Watch Like You Mean It!